Precautions for Purchasing Tickets during the COVID-19 Pandemic



Dear passengers,

In order to better implement the epidemic prevention and control of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (COVID-19), and ensure the travel safety of the vast number of passengers, passengers with a history of overseas sojourn in recent 14 days shall choose economy class seats when booking tickets. A 14-day intensive medical observation will be carried out at some airports after arrival, so please make appropriate travel time arrangements.

It is also recommended that passengers with a history of overseas sojourn in recent 14 days postpone their plan of going to Xinjiang.

At present, steps have been taken at airports across the country to prevent and control the COVID-19, such as taking temperature, fill out the Health Declaration Form, applying for health QR code, etc. Please have a detailed understanding of the control measures of each airport before setting out and make an appropriate arrival time to the airport.

Due to the frequent occurrence of COVID-19 recently,some cities require a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours before the scheduled departure time (please note: two times are required in some areas) before entering the terminal for boarding procedures. Please be sure to prepare relevant documents in advance and arrange your travel time as appropriate to avoid affecting your trip.In view of the recent grim epidemic situation and the rapid changes in local policies, it is recommended that nucleic acid testing be conducted within 48 hours before departure whether it is mandatory or not, for convenience.