President Speech

Board Chairman, President of Shandong Airlines Group
Xu Chuanyu

How time flies. It’s already been 27 years. Thanks to the care and guidance offered by Shandong Provincial Party Committee, provincial government and Civil Aviation Administration of China as well as the substantial support from our shareholders and all sectors of the community, Shandong Airlines Group has managed to fly safely for 27 years.

Here and now, I would like to extend my appreciation to leaders at all levels, friends from all sectors and our passengers on behalf of Shandong Airlines’ staff. Thank you for your years of care, support and help. Born in the context of Chinese economic reform, carrying the dream of Shandong Province's people, Shandong Airlines has written a soaring poem on the development path of ceaseless self-improvement and in the vast sky. By adhering to the service philosophy of “Honesty, True Feelings and Sincerity” Shandong Airlines has managed to set an excellent safety record and create good social and economic benefits over the years. It’s particularly worth mentioning that our development in recent years has made remarkable achievement. Up till now, we have already owned 133 Boeing 737 airplanes, opened multiple international and regional air routes, gradually shaped a more reasonable network layout, implemented a more reliable safety management system, brought our benefits and service level up to industry-leading caliber, and quicken our pace of becoming a major airline company.

We have won the top honor prizes presented by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, namely the “Golden Goose Cup” and the “Golden Eagle Cup”, four times. We had flown safely for more than 4 million hours in total, which won us the “Three-Star Air Safety Award” presented by CAAC. Our on-time performance has always ranked highest in CAAC and we have demonstrated sound momentum of sustained and steady development. We were repeatedly rated as national-level “Service provider that customers are satisfied” and “Enterprise of Quality & Benefits in China”. Our rainbow crew, marketing department and Jinan Business Office won the title of “National-Level Civilized Unit” by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and CAAC. From 2015 to 2020, Shandong Airlines (headquarter) was honored as “National-Level Civilized Unit” for six consecutive years. In 2017, Shandong Airlines won the “National Quality Award”, which made it the only airline company that had won such honor for CAAC for the first time in history. On June 22, 2021, it was selected as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" for the 14th consecutive year.

27 years of development history is just the overture. Standing at the new historical starting point, Shandong Airlines, the eagle born in Shandong Province, is bound to soar high up in the sky and add a new page to its success in the future! We’ll reward our shareholders and the society with new triumphs, win the “tough fight” of switching from old to new energy, and strive to make our own contributions to Shandong’s quality economic development.