Redeem Announcement of Award Tickets



Before redeeming awards,read the mileage redemption rules on the Rules page under the Kilometer Redemption sectionof the PhoenixMiles website. Please also read the following additional guidelines regarding the peak and off-peak calendar for redemptions. 

1. Redemptions only apply to tickets for direct flights operated by Shandong Airlines and coded with our own codes. Mileage cannot be redeemed for codeshare flight tickets. 

2. Members can choose and redeem mileage for applicable peak/offseason travel products to meet their needs. 

1) There are two travel product types: single trips and round trips. 

2) For single trips, peak/off season travel dates are determined by the travel direction and travel time only. 

3) For round trips, if the travel dates of all segments of the trip and the departure city of the first segment have the same peak/off season, then the mileage redemption value for the corresponding peak/off season applies to all segments; otherwise, the higher redemption value applies to all segments. 

3. Peak/off seasons are divided based on the travel date. All the periods in the attached Table of Peak/Off Seasons without routes, fare classes and flight dates are shoulder seasons. 

4. The listed flight information during the peak/off seasons is for reference only and subject to schedule changes due to factors such as seasonal adjustments. In case of any discrepancy between the published redemption value and the actual displayed value, the actual displayed value at the time of redemption shall prevail. Unless otherwise stated, the peak/off seasons of each redemption region apply to new international flights in that region. 

5. Award tickets can be voluntarily rescheduled. The following rules apply when rescheduling award tickets to new peak/off seasons. 

1) Any segment in a peak season can be rescheduled to any date in peak, shoulder or off season. Any segment in a shoulder season can be rescheduled to any date in a shoulder or off season. The reward mileage will not be recalculated. 

2) Any segment in an off season can only be rescheduled to off-season dates. If there are no more off-season dates in the current period or the new travel date does not fall into the current period of peak/off seasons, it can be rescheduled to a shoulder season (within the validity period of the ticket). 

6. Once booking is complete, the mileage has been deducted, or the ticket has been issued, the key booking information cannot be changed, for example, the passenger name, itinerary, travel product type or redemption value. 

7. In the event of abnormal flights, award tickets for peak/off season flights or upgrades will be handled in the same way as normal tickets. 

8. To search for the peak/off season redemption values for a specific route, please check out the Mileage Redemption Calculator. 

9. This peak/off season can start to query and exchange from November 1, 2022. The flight time for exchange is from November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

10. For seasons fares of other airlines, please refer to the PhoenixMiles website.

The above contents and relevant tables in peak/off season will be updated in October 2022.

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