Prepaid baggage reservation

——Excess Baggage Allowance 50% off!


Shandong Airlines has now launched its prepaid baggage (Fei Xiang Xing Li GO) product. Up to 50% off for prepayment for excess baggage allowance through the website of Shandong Airlines (at present online payment can only be made at the website of Shandong Airlines; more channels will be available soon for tickets purchased at “Zhang Shang Fei” APP) or its customer service center at 95359.

Multiple specifications of excess baggage available

Domestic flights and flights to Taiwan Region


※International flights and flights to other regions


※Each passenger can only purchase excess baggage allowance once

Product details

Applicable flights  Domestic flights of Shandong Airlines from Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Weihai, and all international and regional flights (more destinations will be made available; please confirm through the official sales channel of Shandong Airlines for the latest information)

Applicable tickets Tickets of flights with Shandong Airlines as the actual carrier and flight number starting with “324” (tickets of connecting flights must be purchased by segment)

Applicable classes  All classes

How to purchase Shandong Airlines website   Select excess baggage allowance of the corresponding specification during ticket purchase; pay along with ticket, or pay separately on the Itinerary Management—Baggage page after ticketing, or prepay for baggage by calling 95369 after ticketing.

Please present the text message of baggage prepayment confirmation or notify the check-in staff of your baggage prepayment at check-in.

Applicable discount  Domestic flights:up to 20% off for excess baggage at check-in for flights departing from Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai; 30-50% off for excess baggage at check-in for flights departing from other airports.

International and regional flights: up to 20% of for excess baggage at check-in.

Time limit  Domestic flights: 4 hours before departure for flights departing from Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai;

International and regional flights: 24 hours before departure

Regulations for ticket change and refund


When tickets are unused (status: OPEN FOR USE), payment for baggage allowance and ticket can be refunded at one time through the original purchasing channel before check-in, free of charge.

Prepaid baggage allowance cannot be split for use or returned in part (for instance: when a passenger has prepaid for 20KG of baggage allowance and demands a refund, the 20KG allowance can only be returned all together, and the passenger cannot apply for return in part).


Prepaid baggage allowance cannot be used after rescheduling/upgrading. Under such circumstances the passenger can apply for refund through the original purchasing channel, free of charge.


Prepaid baggage allowance cannot be transferred. If ticket is changed to a flight of other airlines, then the prepaid baggage allowance cannot be used. Under such circumstances the passenger can apply for refund through the original purchasing channel before the flight takes off, free of charge.

Kindly reminder:

Single piece of checked baggage shall not exceed 32KG in weight or 100*60*40CM in height*width*depth. Excess baggage will be charged as overweight or oversize baggage, and prepaid baggage allowance shall not apply. Please make reasonable arrangement and simplify your check-in process to save checked baggage fee.

The price of prepaid baggage allowance is subject to the information displayed at the official website of Shandong Airlines. Shandong Airlines reserves the right of price adjustment.

Call 95369 to claim an invoice within 30 days after the end of journey (mailed through EMS at the cost of Shandong Airlines)

For more information, please call our 24H available customer service hotline at 95369